Elementa Śconomica 2

A Companion to Ezra Pound's Economics

Edited by Ralf Lüfter / Roxana Preda





Ralf Lüfter
Economics out of Ethics

Ezra Pound - The Economist

A. David Moody
Economics and the Economy of The Cantos

Sebastian Berger
Towards a Poetic Economics: Studies in Ezra Pound's "Poetry with a Hammer"

Leon Surette
Pound: Economic Guru

Bill Freind
From the Oikos to the Cosmos: The Anti - Economics of Ezra Pound

Constitutive Aspects of Ezra Pound's Economics

Alex Pestell
The Bank of England and the "Crime / Ov two Centuries"

Roxana Preda
Gold and / or Humaneness: Pound's Vision of Civilisation in Canto 97

Peter Liebregts
Ezra Pound, Aristotle and Ancient Greek Economics

Mark Byron
The Poetic Dimension of Economics: Byzantium

Alec Marsh
Pound's Agrarian Bent: Physiocracy and the Ideological Origins of the Wheat in Our Bread Party

Mark Steven
Ezra Pound and Mr Marx, Karl

Kristin Grogan
Ezra Pound an the Anarchist Economics of Silvio Gesell

Guy Stevenson
"Money and how it gets the way": Ezra Pound, Henry Miller and the Economic Process of the 1930s


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