Yang Kaixiang (Ed.)

Legal Problems of China Today

East and West. Philosophy, ethics, politics and human rights, Band 3


Editor's Preface

Li Yong/ Gu Tongtong:
Historical Comparison of Chinese and European Reforms:
Remarks on China's Legal Construction

Wang Baoshi:
Einwirkung der Grundrechte auf das Familienrecht in China

Yang Kaixiang:
Protection of Human Rights through Criminal Procedure in China

Shi Weiran:
The Ethnic Minorities' Customary Civil Law in Chinese Judges' Eyes:
Facts and Analysis

Huan Qinzhi:
The Legalization of Environmental Human Rights in China and its Political Obstacles

Ma Bo:
On the Legalization of Governmental Accountability for Environmental Protection

Fu Wenyi:
A Comparative Study on Genetically Modified Foods in EU and China:
Consensus, Differences and Mutual Effects

Hans-Christian Günther:
Euthanasia in China:
Some Dilettantic Considerations from an Outside Perspective

List of Contributors

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